Krystle McLaughlin, Ph.D. Vassar College

Dr. Krystle J. McLaughlin is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Vassar College. She received a B.A. in physics from Colgate University, then earned her Ph.D.  in biophysics from the University of Rochester. She uses biochemical and biophysical methods, including x-ray crystallography, to study the structure and molecular mechanisms of diverse microbial proteins involved in autoimmune response by the human gut microbiome, the spread of antibiotic resistance, and mycobacteriophage infection. She is also interested in best practices in science pedagogy, with a particular focus on methods to improve retention of underrepresented minorities.

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Session 1
Protein Structures: Producing, Using, and Teaching about Life's Building Blocks


Friday, November 3
8:00 am – 9:00 am

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