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Upcoming Webinars

March 26 - "Tidy Up Your Science Resume/CV"

Join ABRCMS to get some helpful tips for developing and refining your scientific resume or CV.

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April 9 - "Making Decisions on Your Next Steps"

Join a panel of ABRCMS mentors that can help you make the tough decisions about your future.

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May 21 - "So You've Got a Research Mentor...So What?"

Join ABRCMS for a discussion about the benefits of research mentors and some practical skills for working with them.

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Recorded Webinars

February 26 - "What You Can Do NOW Before Your Summer Research Experience"

Join ABRCMS as we share some practical things that you can do in the upcoming months to be prepared for your summer research program.



2019 Webinar Schedule

ABRCMS Yearlong Programming 2019 03 12

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